CORPA is a line of precious wearable objects in green gold and emerald that evokes the human body, highlights the elegance of the human form, and alludes to our love for the human image.  A guiding myth of our fascination with representations of our selves is that of Narcissus falling in love with his own reflection.  In the mists of time evolution shaped our brains to identify the human form more rapidly than any other.  To this day we continue to gaze in awe at the mathematical proportions of our faces and in wonder at the genetic engineering of our physiques.


CORPA is a word drawn from no specific language but its stem is richly suggestive of the human body.  By speaking in a generic tongue, we express the multi-cultural spirit of the house, and in naming the three lines of the CORPA collection in the Spanish ‘Radiante Proporción’, the French ‘Corps et Âme’ and the English ‘In The Eye of the Beholder’ we convey the internationalism that lies at the heart of the enterprise.